W Bruce Steever 

A serial CFO and Financial Entrepreneur, Bruce has been a senior financial executive of private and public firms ranging in size from day-one start-ups to a $1.5 Billion conglomerate. An active participant in over a dozen business exits,divestments and reorganizations, Bruce also has the proven acumen to provide hands-on, as-needed CFO advisory services to help businesses optimize their cash flow and bottom line, enhancing the Business's potential Exit valuation.  Bruce also has the know-how and connections to assemble a team of talented professional advisors, further increasing the likelihood of a smooth exit and higher net valuation. He combines out-of-the-box thinking, time-proven advisory services and excellent communication skills for the benefit of his clients.  His mantra - "Ultimately, every Business Owner will exit their business; let's plan ahead and jointly design an Exit Strategy on your terms?"™

Evaluate Exit Options

Strategic Sale/Merger, Sale to New Owner, Sale to Current Managers, Private Equity Recapitalization, ESOP, Family Gifting, Charitable Donation, "Stay the Course" 

Post-Exit Decisions

Monitor Installments/Earn-outs, Manage Liquid Assets from Proceeds, Choose Work/Leisure Options, Explore New Business Activity, Fine-Tune Estate Planning

Why Choose Me? - I Help Business Owners

Avoid the Pitfalls of Ill-Planned Exits

Executing Exit Strategy

Assemble Advisor Team, Complete Due Diligence, Negotiate Deal Terms (Cash, Stock, Seller Financing, Earn-Out), Execute Legal Documentation, Consummate Closing

Let me connect the pieces for your exit strategy

Ultimately, you'll exit your business. i have exit strategy options for you. Let's plan ahead, together!

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Consider Owner Mindset

Review Business Results/Prospects, Explore Owner's Mental/Financial Readiness, Plot Desired Timing, Assess Owner and Family Needs, Select Exit Plan Advisor