6 Step Exit Process

1. Determine Needs & Goals of Owner/Family/Business

a. Assess Owner & Family Needs & Goals
b. Review Business Results/Prospects
c. Review Personal Finances
d. Identify Desired Exit/Transition Timing

2. Determine Owner Mindset

a. Explore Owner's Mental Readiness (High/Low)
b. Explore Owner's Fiscal Readiness (High/Low)
c. Continue Review of Business/Personal Affairs
d. Determine Need for Exit Plan Advisor

3. Identify Type of Owner

a. Well off but Chooses to Still Work
b. Rich and ready/willing to Leave Business
c. Needs to Stay and Grow Business
d. Wants “Out” at Best Available Price

4. Evaluate Exit Options

a. Sale/Merger with New Owner, Current Managers or “Strategic” Buyer
b. Private Equity Recapitalization
c. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
d. Family or Charitable Gifting
e. Stay on Course and Grow Business
f. Wind down the Business

5. Develop Customized Exit Plan

a. Evaluate Transferability of Business
b. Implement Steps to Optimize Valuation
c. Add to Professional Advisory Team
d. Commence Rigid Due Diligence Process

6. Successfully Execute Exit Plan

a. Oversight of Advisor Team
b. Manage/Complete Due Diligence Process
c. Refine Deal Structure & Terms
d. Buyer, Attorney and CPA/Tax Liaison
e. Legal & Financial/Tax Documentation
f. Assist with Post-Closing Matters

Why Choose W Bruce Steever?

bruceA former CPA, serial Corporate CFO and Financial Entrepreneur, Bruce currently conducts business as BusinessExitAdvisor.Com. He is the leading Business Exit Strategist serving the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire and Coastal Southern California markets (from his La Quinta, CA office and a satellite site in Irvine, CA).

After graduating from Lehigh University, Bruce received his CPA Certificate from the State of New York while working as a Senior Auditor in New York City for the then – largest of the original Big Eight CPA firms. Subsequently, Bruce served as a senior financial executive of private and public firms ranging in size from day-one start-ups to a hyper-growth, home healthcare IPO to a $1.5 Billion NYSE-listed conglomerate.

Over the course of his career, Bruce has successfully closed nearly three dozen mergers, acquisitions, exits or divestments.

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